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Discover an exceptional design approach – and 

an impressive

new home. 

At Golden Ratio Homes, we embrace the classical ideal of perfect proportions to create the ideal home for you. 

The Parthenon. The Pyramids. The timelessly beautiful proportions of classical architecture are based on the measurements of the Golden Ratio, a mathematical system that creates harmonious, visually pleasing relationships between width and height. We follow this principal because we believe your home should take on the same awe-inspiring beauty, to delight you every day. 


Our history is steeped in residential building.

Tina Pasquinelli, the founder of Golden Ratio Homes, is a seasoned homebuilder and residential design innovator who brings decades of experience and her lifelong passion for design to every project. 


Tina grew up immersed in the details of the home construction industry; her family founded one of the nation’s largest privately owned homebuilders. This invaluable firsthand insight informs Tina’s unique approach and her unwavering attention to detail. 


Central Indiana is Tina’s focus. This is where her roots are and where she remains committed to the local community, creating residences and shaping neighborhoods, fueled by her love of architecture, design, and helping her clients create residences from the ground up that exceed even the highest expectations. 


Contact Golden Ratio Homes

Tina Pasquinelli

(317) 777-1723

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